Pleated Grey Skirt

Pleated Grey Skirt

Chislehurst and Sidcup Pleated grey school skirt for girls. SCHOOL POLICY – SKIRT LENGTH MUST BE TO THE KNEE.


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22w/18l, 24w/20l, 24w/22l, 26w/20l, 26w/22l, 28w/20l, 28w/22l, 28w/24l, 30w/20l, 30w/22l, 30w/24l, 32w/20l, 32w/22l, 32w/24l, 34w/20l, 34w/22l, 34w/24l, 36w/20l, 36w/22l, 36w/24l, 38w/20l, 38w/22l, 38w/24l, 40w/20l, 40w/22l, 40w/24l, 42w/20l, 42w/22l, 42w/24, 44w/20l, 44w/22l, 44w/24l